It is beautiful and fun !
私たちは、お客様のビューティライフ プランナーとして、お客様一人ひとりに必要とされるサロンを目指します。多くのお客様と感動を共有し、いつでも近くにいる存在でありたいと考えております。

~Our goal is to make our customers more beautiful, more beautiful, and to offer them an enjoyable lifestyle.
As a beauty life planner for our customers, we aim to be a salon that is needed by each and every customer. We would like to share our excitement with many customers and be a presence that is always nearby.


Speed & Relax


With the theme of speed and relaxation, we would like to provide the reality of Tokyo and freedom from urban space from the site of the salon.

Space & Alive


We believe that hair is seemingly complex, pop, and exciting, located at the highest point of the human body, at the end, and forming a volume with a fluid collection of individual strands.

And it is influenced by the space in which people are placed (space) and the fact that they are living in the present (alive).

A Roman architect once said that in order for any building to be magnificent, it should be built to resemble a well-formed human body.

Our goal is to create reproducible and attractive hair designs by sensing the current mood of each individual’s lifestyle.